Even if you never owned or driven one there's a good chance you have ridden in one and you've seen them everywhere your whole life. Sometime today (8 August 2018) at a Detroit area plant the 10 millionth Ford Mustang will roll off the assembly line.

For the record, I've owned three, a 1966, a '69 Fastback and a 1998 model. Of the three had I kept it, it's most likely the '69 Fastback would be worth the most money today, by my estimates somewhere north of $35,000 for a car I paid $500 for in 1974. Alas to my great chagrin I traded it off in 1978 for, a Pinto. In quiet auto moments, I still feel the guilt and shame at my youth and ignorance.

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There will be a big party at Fords Michigan HQ for what Ford call's the original freedom vehicle that exemplified the American love of the open road.

Born in the mind of the legendary Lee Iaccoca and hatched at the 1964 New York Worlds Fair it created nothing less than pandemonium as the very counterpoint to the square, staid, family station wagon of the 1950s.

Wilson Pickett sang about the car in Mustang Sally a rhythm and blues classic from 1966 about a sassy young lady with style zipping around town in her little Ford heartbeat. Then the Mustang became Steve McQueen 'cool' in the movie Bullitt a couple of years later.

It was the first car a manufacturer teamed with an outside racer, Carroll Shelby, to help hot rod. The result was the Shelby Cobra and a few Beach Boys songs. You could buy a car off the showroom and drive it straight to the drag strip and run a decent if not winning time.

So, if you're a fan and multiple owner like me that's always looking for the next cool Mustang to own, or you've always wanted one but haven't arrived yet, keep looking around, there are at most, ten million to choose from.