It's bad enough that we have to pay so much as it is, for luggage and such in this bad economy. Yet, they want to charge us even more money? Not to mention handling fees and oh the security measures too.

Airline fees are not going away anytime soon and -- if past years are any indicator -- 2011 is likely to bring a whole new bevy of fees to the flying public. Why? Fees are big business for the airlines and one of the main reasons they have been profitable in 2010.

The 26 major airlines tracked by the federal government took in $3.84 billion in profits from July to September, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. More than $2.1 billion of that profit came from fees. (Baggage fees and reservation change fees were the two largest chunks at $906 million and $646 million respectively.)

via 11 New Airline Fees We Might See in 2011 - ABC News.

As time goes on, there is more and more fees! I know they have to make their money, but geez we need to live and breathe too. If you fly first-class, it's even more money and more fees. Be on the look out for rising airline fees and start saving up now! Learn and get used to shopping around.