So far the powerful social media giant has been unable to halt the spread of a disturbing new video that shows an adult male sexually abusing a young child. So far one local law enforcement agency from Winter Haven, an area where these videos have recently appeared, has taken to its Facebook page to warn of the video.

The FBI and law enforcement agencies across the country are already spreading the word of caution and what to do (below).

The difficulty in Facebook's utilizing the usual security software to slow the spread of the video comes from the fact the video is not viral in nature, nor does it particularly contain hidden digital instructions to replicate. It does not fit the typical profiles Facebook looks for review and potential removal, ban, etc.,

The Videos Wording Trips Up Well-Intentioned Citizens

Due to the wording, Citizens with good intentions are circulating the video because its onscreen wording proposes that spreading the video may help catch the male perpetrator in the film. The message plays on outrage at the vile acts and the good intentions of the sharing person, and that is the spreading apparatus of the  'virus' that could land them in boiling hot federal water, as well as forever repulsed.

This 'organic' spread is in a sense a 'backdoor' through the defensive platforms and usually precise security monitors the media behemoth uses, and they're working through this as fast as possible. Think of King Kong trying to pick tiny fleas from his coat.

Take Note: The FBI and law enforcement officials warn that sharing this kind of video and even viewing it is a federal crime in that it continues to victimize the child.

If this video or any similar begins to infest the social media networks in our region and it likely could, do not share the images or view the video. No matter how innocent your intention, ignorance of the law is no excuse and sharing the video could land you in very serious legal trouble. You're morally bound to properly report it immediately.

The Proper Way to Report Suspicious Content

Never click on and do not open emails or messages from people you do not know.

Report inappropriate content or other activity to the website immediately, in your report include as much information as possible such as their screen name and any other information pertinent. To report to Facebook click under the image of the post, then click "Report". Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others all have easy mechanisms for reporting content.

Suspicious content should also be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at their secure cyber tip line. 1-800-843-5678

Reports should also be made 24/7 to or call 1-800-843-5678

Please help by making these reports whenever you see inappropriate content or see more from Winter Haven here.