It's Southwest Louisiana, b****!

From the Calcasieu River to the delicious food, there are a surprising amount of things in the Lake Area that are perfectly described through the Queen of Pop's music.

I mean, Brit Brit was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. Yes, Kentwood is a little more north in the Bayou State, but she's still a Louisiana girl, so I'm gonna give her some credit.

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    "Gimme More"

    If you've ever been to a crawfish boil in SWLA "Gimme More" is a phrase you've muttered as crawfish juice is dripping down your chin. Hey, who can blame you? Crawfish are delicious and 5 lbs of perfectly seasoned mud bugs is never enough.

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    Now, I'm not trying to spread any rumors or scare anyone into never swimming in the Calcasieu again, but I've seen some reports about the "Toxic" nature of the river and it's not too pretty. But, hey, even if the Lake Area is a "poison paradise", at least it's a paradise.

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    "Oops!...I Did It Again"

    You know when you wake up on a Saturday morning with your head pounding and you scream in hungover agony "I'm never going to Cowboys again!"?

    Flash forward to the next Friday night when you're stumbling into Cowboys thinking to yourself "Oops!...I Did It Again". Don't worry, we've all been there.

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    I have two words for you, Mardi Gras.

    If you don't think fighting with a 10-year-old over beads is "Crazy", then you're probably from SWLA. From the end of December right up until Fat Tuesday there is only one thing on everyone's mind, Mardi Gras, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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    If you're from Moss Bluff, Sulphur, Lake Charles, or anywhere in between, you know how lucky you are to be a part of life in Southwest Louisiana.

    The Lake Area is like no other place in the state. Whether you're grabbing lunch on Ryan Street or heading to a festival in Iowa there is always a sense of community and love in all that we do. Southwest Louisiana really is a "Lucky" place to live.