I thought Disney World/Land was the happiest place on Earth?

As we all know, I love Disney everything, including Disney Land and Disney World... sooo this whole 'darkest Disney secrets' thing is really bumming me out! Normally I would just say 'ppsshh, no one talks bad about my Disney', butttt when the first secret on the video is about a girl being crushed to death on a ride, I had to think twice about my love for all things Disney!! Once I heard about the death I was hooked and HAD to watch the entire video to see what other dark secrets Disney is hiding and now I wish I hadn't... this video has RUINED the 'Haunted Mansion' ride for me forrrreeevvverrrrr!!!!! Did you know that people bring ashes of deceased relatives/friends/pets/whatever onto the ride and spread them through out the attraction?!?! WHATTTTT!!!! Soooo when I've been super excited to enjoy the 'Haunted Mansion' I've actually been excited to voluntarily spend 10 minutes of my life INHALING PARTICLES OF DEAD PEOPLE!!!! I can't handle this video right now, it's seriously ruining everything!

-- Dark5