At the risk of sounding like a commercial for an already worldwidely known product, I've recently come across some uses for the old chest rub other than cold and flu relief. While nearly every last one of us has vapo rub in the nightstand or bathroom medicine cabinet, the product has other uses than those night time winter coughing attacks.

Like nearly everyone, my introduction of the salve was as a child, an early memory of my grandmother smearing it all over my chest, then placing a warm washrag (washcloth) over it. I remember the nearly intoxicating vapors and the feeling of warmth and comfort in my chest as the liniment worked its way in. And today 99% of us still use the rub each winter in similar situations around the house.

The product was invented by a pharmacist around 1891 in North Carolina out of liniment, castor oil, camphor, and vermifuge. There have been modern upgrades to the formula throughout the years.

Be sure you make vapo rub a part of your First Aid Kit that goes to the beach, parks, boating and where ever else you go this summer and you'll be glad you did.

Five Reasons Vapo Rub Goes Into Your First Aid Kit

1. It's always good to have triple antibiotics around, but vapo rub is also good for small cuts and splinters. It helps prevent infection and speeds up healing times.

2. Insect Bites - Mosquitos, ticks, ants, and fleas they're all out there waiting for us to walk by with our delicious flesh. Rub a little vapo rub in for instant relief, the smell also helps keep other critters away as a bonus.

3. Keeps Mosquitos Away - There is cedarleaf oil, a natural insect repellant in vapo rub, and just a little bit will do you rather than spray yourself down with the canned sprays. Just a little dab on your ankles, wrists, knees, inner elbows and behind your ears and the menthol smell will keep the flying bloodsuckers at bay. And people around you at the fireworks show will remark about their childhood memories once they get a good smell of you.

4. Headache Relief - some full days of fun in the sun can leave you with a headache, rubbing a small amount on your temples provides almost instant relief from most ordinary headaches. The menthol and camphor help you to calm down and relieve the pain.

5. Cracked Heels and Dry Skin Relief - Summer means being outdoors and probably barefooted a lot. Depending on your skin type this can lead to dry skin and cracked heels.  In the case of cracked skin on your heels, it can get painful, break out your trusty vial of vapo rub and rub a little on your cracked heels for nearly instant relief. Put a little on your face for that dry skin too. It's way more manly than secretly using your wife's moisturizer.

And as I recently found out, using vapo rub outside the home is a conversation starter as well, I put some on a paper cut the other day and the Dollar Tree Queen instantly remarked about all the memories of her childhood the scent brought out for her.

So add a little vial to the First Aid Kit, use it when you need it and prepare for the memories that might tick up.