At a point in history where the tropical Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean maps look like a country stop sign shot full of bullet holes and, the Carolinas brace for a beating, a threat closer to home looms in the cup of the Gulf.

According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, the broad area of low pressure in the central Gulf of Mexico now shows indications that cyclone formation is imminent at about a 70% odds on chance.

The 2 pm EDT Tropical Weather Outlook click here, indicates the area is still disorganized, but surface observations combined with sat imagery lead meteorologists to believe the further organization is simply a matter of time.

No matter how developed the system becomes, forecasters expect heavy rains over northeastern Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana later this week.

National Hurricane Center WED 9.12.18 1PM CDT


Tropical Storm Isaac is presently continuing on its westwardly track and should enter the Caribbean a couple hundred miles south of Jamaica by early Sunday morning.

TS Isaac 1 pm CDT Sept 9, 2018 - National Hurricane Center