-- America's Funniest Home Videos

When you're a kid the silliest things seem like the biggest deal... like accidentally stealing a cup from a restaurant!

If I accidentally walked out of a restaurant (or bar) with my cup I would probably just shrug and give myself a mini hi-five for "accidentally" getting an awesome new addition to my drink-ware collection. Not that I have ever purposely walked out of a restaurant (or bar) with a glass for my collection... ok, maybe I have! I'm a terrible person. But, sometimes the glasses are awesome or I'm in a situation where I'm not done with my drink and don't want to chug it sooo I just bring it with me. Sorry!

The little boy in this video pulled an "Emily J" and wasn't finished with his drink so he walked out of the restaurant with it and got in the car not thinking anything of it. It's not until his mom points out what he's done that he realizes he did something bad, maybe even something punishable by jail time! This kids plea to his mother not to call the police is amazing! I feel so terrible laughing at his tears, but it's too funny not to.