Just a heads up, people are pretty angry at Steven Spielberg for killing a dinosaur and a lot of them use not-so work friendly words!

A picture taken of Steven Spielberg posing next to a dinosaur during the first Jurassic Park movie has gone viral (again) and (again) people are outraged by the senseless killing of the poor Triceratops.

UNILAD decided that with all of the ridiculous posts calling Steven Spielberg a dinosaur killer they would go out and see what people really thought. Do people actually think Spielberg killed a dinosaur? Did they sleep through the part of school where we learned dino's are extinct?

This video gives me faith in humanity. I mean, yeah, a lot of the people are kind of a little on the dumb side for thinking Steven Spielberg killed a dinosaur, but I love how passionate people are getting about the unnecessary killing of animals. Whether they actually thought it was a dinosaur or they confused the fake triceratops for a rhinoceros, people were genuinely upset that the creature had been murdered.

[via UNILAD]