There's your job description, then there's what you actually do every day and then there's an ethereal level of performance along with your line of work in which you put out more than is asked or expected of you.

They call it 'above and beyond' the call of duty.

Thursday afternoon in Baton Rouge at the State Police annual Awards Ceremony several local Louisiana State Troopers based in Lake Charles with Troop D were recognized for just such duty.

The actual description of the Meritorious Service Award says: Awarded for the performance of duty that exceeds the normal expectations of duty and demonstrates an exceptional degree of good judgment, initiative, and competence.

One of the recipients you've often heard on our radio station, mostly on the morning programs when the local Troop has got something going on the public should be aware of, we salute Sergeant James Anderson, the Public Affairs officer of Troop D.

Other Troop D Meritorious Service Award honorees this year were:

Lt. Michael McCain, Lt. Waylon Busby, Lt. Brad Saltzman, Sgt. Benjamin Fox, Sgt. Joseph Adaway, Sgt. Chris Cheramie, Sgt. Gregory Joubert, Sgt. Gary Smith, Sr. Trooper Andrew Leonards, Trooper 1st Class Jerry Williams, Trooper First Class Brett McKee, Trooper Zack Brady, and Senior Trooper Chris Hill.

We salute the work of these officers and the dedication and service of all our Peace Officers, local and state.