Oh, a candle that looks like an egg? Cute.

No, not cute, this candle is flipping epic. When you light it, like most candles, it melts, but as it melts a little ceramic baby Raptor hatches. It's every dinosaur nerds dream!

I'm that person that always says "I don't want anything", when my mom asks me repeatedly what I want for Christmas, but I'm about to call that woman up and be like "Hold up! I know what I want! Please, please, please get me the Dinosaur Egg Candle!" Any self-respecting dino lover needs that candle in their life, and I happen to be a self-respecting dino lover, so that precious little raptor baby needs to get over here ASAP.

If you can't tell, I am completely geeking out right now. But, clearly, I am not the only person getting pumped about this candle, because it's trending on Facebook. So, if you're looking into those little ceramic raptor eyes and thinking to yourself "I need you", then head on over to Firebox.com and make that little dino all yours for about $45.

Oh, and while you're there take a look around, because Firebox.com might be my new favorite website. The sell everything from Unicorn Tears Gin to Emoji Rings, seriously, everything.

If you really want to get in the dino Christmas spirit check out this video of the melting Dinosaur Egg Candle set to "Joy to the World". Yep, that happened.

[via Firebox.com]