Sitting cautiously over his meticulous work on the table, suddenly he accidentally knocked an open jar of sulphuric acid into his lap, left inner upper thigh. He immediately yelled out to his assistant a few rooms down in the multi-floored expansive Victorian home that also served as a lab, "Mr. Watson, come here I need you!" Watson loudly and clearly heard the boss as though they were in the same room together and went running down the hallway and down the stairs to find him hopping on one leg splashing water on his now smoldering flesh and clothing.

Alexander Graham Bell trying to invent an electric device to help teach deaf children speech had just invented the worlds first successful room-to-room intercom. The practical telephone was born and the worlds first call was a call for help. Help, I've spilled acid on my crotch and I can't get up.

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Another explorer Columbus was trying to get to India by taking a bold and then unheard of 'shorter' path. He left port to his friends mocking him "you'll never make it" and discovered a Club Med just across the Atlantic from Spain in the Caribbean.

So it's not unusual to set out in search of one thing and then perhaps suddenly stun the world and change history by happenstance.

Now word comes from high-level university research into drugs initially developed for diabetes, "could be used" against Alzheimer's when it was recently discovered to "significantly reverse memory loss" in mice with the condition. Source: Lancaster University Public Release 31 December 2017

It's an interesting story in which lead researcher Professor Christian Holscher of Lancaster University, UK was optimistic saying the benefits of 'triple agonist' drugs holds a clear promise in the future new treatment for cognitive neurodegenerative disorders, though the drug was developed for use in treating type 2 diabetes.

The really good news is if you develop symptoms of Alzheimer's later on as this treatment potentially becomes widely available, and you also have type 2 diabetes, you may be able to save at the pharmacy if this one pill would help both.