Those of us who live in the city and have a dog need a place to take our dog. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best place to bring your dog walk, shop, or on vacation. You need to make sure there are areas for your dog to do their business and such. Here's our top five places around that dogs are sure to enjoy!

1. Prien Lake Park

Prien Lake Park is a great and beautiful place to take your dog walking! The best park is you can bring the kids along and let them play as you walk your dog. The sights and sounds are amazing here. There's plenty space for them to do their business and of course great shaded areas as well! For info Click Here.

2. The Downtown Boardwalk

Another great place to take the dog walking or jogging is the newly designed downtown boardwalk. It is very fancy and pretty at all times of the day and night. At night it is all lit up with different color lights all around. Totally something worth checking out. As always, great for the dog for walking, shade, and of course doggie business. Click Here for more info.

3. The I-10 Beach

This year more than ever people are excited to be at our beach right here in Lake Charles along I-10! While you bring your dog to have fun walking, you can take in the smells and sounds of the water hitting your toes on the sand. There are many shaded areas and patches of grass for doggie business! Click Here for more info.

4. PetSmart

This store is any dog's Disneyland! Firstly, the dog feels great with the environment it's in. You can take your dog shopping all over the store! The best part, the doggie treat! Yes, they love that at checkout! Not to mention the staff of PetSmart is always nice! Click here for more info.

5. Petco

Another store that is great for the dogs is Petco! In my own opinion, I think it is a lot like PetSmart. Theres the perks of each. Dogs always love a Petco trip though! They love those treats too! Click here for more info!

In Lake Charles we have many great venues for you to take your dog running or walking. I think we have some of the best doggie grounds around! This was our top five.