With Mothers Day fast approaching scammers along the east coast in the Carolina's specifically are already spreading phishing scams across social networks.  It won't be long before it starts to show up on SWLA and SETX computers.

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Let's say upfront and forthwith this has nothing to do with the store itself and no store related security breaches are known to exist either in the real stores or the website.

What's happening is scammers, typically connected with organized crime syndicates are trying to get your personal information - this time they're using the lure of a $50 coupon for Mothers Day if you'll take a short survey on what appears to be a legitimate Lowe's website. Who doesn't want to get their mom something nice, and save $50? But pay close attention to the URL in your browsers address bar. The graphics and little survey looks frighteningly real -

It's very difficult to not get scammed these days and vigilance is its own reward.  Many of these types of scams originate in other countries by computer geek nerds who may even be part of larger organized crime networks.

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In the age we live in it's easy for others in the pursuit of nefarious gain to manipulate graphic art, copied from the internet, colors and text to fool us into parting with our money. So in general some of the oldest rules are the best.  If something is too good to be true it's false and legitimate businesses do not ask you for credit or banking card numbers via surveys.  See WNET for more information and be careful out there!