What did Big Al and J-Si do to get kicked out of a mall and banned for life?

The topic came up during a discussion about Shia LaBeouf being banned from a restaurant for life. J-Si and Big Al recalled moments where they were banned from places it's kind of tough to be banned from.

The pair was banned from a mall forever during a bit where they dressed up an intern, Sexy Jack, as Robert Pattinson for a fake meet-and-greet.

Now remember, this was at the height of "Twilight" fever. So to say this grabbed people's attention would be an understatement.

Arriving at the mall, the group, including the faux Robert Pattinson, amassed a small following of young girls who were following them through the mall. That number quickly blew up to around 300.

J-Si and Al stopped by a fancy story where mall security, noticing the group and pretend celeb, closed the store to regular customers and offered to escort them through the back door to ditch the mob of fans. And then, the actual police arrived.

The cat came out of the bag when one officer was alerted via his earpiece that something was amiss, and asked the group: "Who the hell are you guys?"

And then they were handcuffed and almost arrested. Luckily, they were only banned forever from the mall.

Listen to J-Si and Big Al recount the whole hilarious tale below!