History almost repeated it's self.  Bobby Kristina Brown was found unconscious and face-down in a bathtub Saturday, January 31st, by her husband Nick Gordon.

Bobbi Kristina Brown - Getty Images

Like her mother 3-years ago, msn.com reports Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face-down in a filled bathtub by her husband Nick Gordon.  Though her several outlets have reported she's in a medically induced coma, her currant condition is unclear.  According to reports a source told E! News Bobbi Kristina was still unresponsive and was breathing with the help of a ventilator.

The 21-year-old stopped by Inksomnia Tattoo Studio, prior the this incident on Jan. 20th.  E! News reports an employee, Teresa Mellas said Bobbi Kristina talked about her mom the whole time she was there saying,

"She kept talking about [her mother] and the anniversary coming up.  Mellas continued, "She talked about it a lot. She said she missed her a lot and thought about her all the time."

"She had a T-shirt on with Whitney on the front and she told me she was wearing her mother's belt.  It really was weighing hard on her."  Mellas said Whitney and Bobbi Kristina would come to her studio together and that Bobbi got a belly button piercing on her first visit.  She was 15-yrs old at the time.

The incident is currently under investigation.  At this time we are praying for her and wish her a speedy recovery.

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