Recently results of a study of 1,700 nonagenarians (people 90 to 99 years old) that began in 2003 have shown that drinking two glasses of beer or wine per day were 18% less likely to experience premature death than those who abstain.

Getty Images - Drink Up for Longer Life!

Since the generally expected human lifespan is now up to only 78, one wonders how the researchers could determine when 90+-year-olds had suffered a premature death.

But I digress, so you believe in exercise? The same study indicated that  participants who exercised 15-45 minutes per day cut their risk of premature death by only 11%

Researcher Claudia Kawas, a UC neurologist who ran the 90+ Study, has no real explanation for the results she said as she addressed the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas last weekend.

Maybe it's because I'm from this part of the country, but this kind of looks like good news all around.

As a future retiree, I plan to do no exercise but drink a little more booze.