Just when you thought Britney Spears had reached peak hotness she releases super steamy videos to Instagram that seem to defy the rules of age and gravity.

Can Britney Spears please release a work out video, because whatever she's doing, it's working. I was convinced the hottest Brit Brit has ever been was in her "Toxic" music video, but clearly Britney is like a fine wine and only get's better with age. How flipping amazing does she look in that video?

Ok, I know you want to watch another quick Insta-vid of Britney doing whatever Britney is doing, so here you go.

I am mesmerized. What are these even for? Is Brit trying to tell the rest of us something? I mean, I'm for sure about to hit the gym after stalking her Instagram.

Way to be hot, Britney, way to be hot.

[via Instagram, Britney Spears]