The worst of the flooding rains may be over here in Louisiana, but that doesn't mean the effects are gone. With the mass amount of rising water and flooded homes, numerous Louisiana residents are trapped. There have already been thousands of rescues from the floods.

Some of these rescues have come from a group that calls themselves the "Cajun Navy". This group of individuals are your everyday, average folks who have volunteered their time to help out with the flooding rescue efforts. Providing their own means of transportation, they are patrolling the flood waters rescuing those who are trapped.

After hearing that the "Cajun Navy" needed more volunteers, Ascension Parish native Troy Green packed up his gear along with his boat and headed to a National Guard staging area in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Once arriving at the staging area, he was paired with another local man where they spent the entire day rescuing folks from the flooded waters. Some of these folks were bound to wheelchairs. Along with rescuing people, some animals were saved as well, including a cat, bird, and a pair of dogs.

Here are a couple of photos and a video from Troy Green's Instagram page...