It's so hard to believe that the building is going to be gone. It's just going to be so weird to pass and not see the Charles Cinema there anymore. I can remember going to K-Mart across the street to get stocked with candy before going see a "dollar" movie there! It was once the booming place to be along with the Oak Park Cinema.

I remember tattling on my older cousin for kissing a girl for the first time there! This place was the place to be on a summer Sunday night movie many years. This was the king movie palace way before United Artists and Cinemark were even a thought!

It's a landmark that brings back memories for many if not most long time residents of Lake Charles -- the Charles Cinema. When it was first built it was what local preservationist AdleyCormier calls the "first suburban style movie house" and an early version of a multi-plex movie house with three screens showing three different movies at one time.

It's been closed since Hurricane Rita. Time and nature have not been kind. "It's been hit by a tornado. It's been home to vagrants. So after asbestos abatement and other prep work, down it will go," said Lowenthal.

The property is listed with Charlie Snead at Flavin Realty and is selling for $1.5 million "I see it with many utilizations for McNeese, apartment complexes, or some sort of restaurant," said Snead. Lowenthal agrees: "We're so close to the university, there's any number of things that the property could be used for."

via Charles Cinema brings back memories - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

It is sure going to hurt to see that place be torn down!! I have never seen anything else right there. Wow. I really wish someone with a lot of money could have bought it and renovated it. I think it would have done good, with the right promotion! There isn't a movie theater on the south side of I-10 anyway.