The District Attorney isn’t feeling the evidence presented in the case against Chris Brown allegedly pulling a gun on a woman who wouldn’t leave his home in August.

According to TMZ, it’s been two weeks since Brown's case was supposed to be submitted to prosecutors, "but the D.A. informally kicked it back for lack of evidence".

Back in August, Brown was arrested and booked after Baylee Curran accused the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer of pointing a gun at her after a party at his home. He was later released on a $250,000 bond and set to be arraigned 2 weeks ago, but a two-week extension was given for cops to gather more evidence. They have yet to produce any more evidence, furthering speculation that Brown’s denial of the allegations may, in fact, be true.

As if the accuser isn’t sketchy enough with her past issues with the law, the former beauty pageant contestant is wanted in New York City for questioning in connection with the theft of a purse in 2013 from a hotel.

Though the D.A. is insisting that it is a “weak case” against Chris Brown, prosecutors may still be trying to go after the singer because of the past incident with his former girlfriend, singer Rihanna, in which he served time in jail. Some folks just can’t let go of the past it seems, but that’s just speculation, at this point.

Hopefully this becomes a dead issue for Breezy so he can move on with his life. We shall see.