Coming out of the Mexican restaurant Saturday evening with the Dollar Tree Queen and me with my traditional post-meal ice cream, someone on the sidewalk, a stranger made a remark about eating ice cream in April when it's this cold etc., and of course, DTQ was shaking and her teeth chattering as though we were dining out in the artic in some desolate igloo on a snowy windswept plain. To me, it ain't that cold. I like it cold, I like to sleep in a cool room. Still, in the truck, I let her wear my Townsquare Media jacket neatly folded on the back seat and offered to turn on the heater. I was wearing shorts by the way.

So yes it's been unseasonably cool for April but I love it and will take and absorb every last sweat-free breath of each cooler than the normal day that is left and enjoy it before the stifling August-September motivation killing sweltering summer heat gets here. At which time the sidewalk stranger turned commentator on others lives might very well remark: it's so hot these days, how nice it'd be to have a giant vat of ice cream to dive into. All the while the soles of his shoes frying on the evening sidewalk while he waited in line to get inside for the spicy churritos.

Some of the time you can't please all of the people.

These semi-mild cold fronts are bound to run out and a return to routine warmer weather will be the eventual outcome. So hang on, your cold weather willie-nillies will soon be a memory.

Bruce Mikels

Cloudy Warmer Start to The Week

Most of the clouds will be around through Monday evening with occasional peaks of the sun. Warmer upper-level air will prevent as much cooling at the surface and so tonight will be warmer than last night but still pretty cool for April. Temperatures overnight will be about 52-54 for the morning lows.

By late Monday a cold front should ease into the area that could potentially touch off some localized thunderstorms, most likely near the coast with some inland. No steady downpour or soakings are expected.

Tuesday - Friday should be pretty amazing days for this time of year with only a few minor cloud interruptions of the sun, the afternoon temperatures will hover in the lower 80s. The overnight lows in the 49°- 55° zone.

As for next weekend, it's really hard to tell right now as I've misplaced my almanac but my right elbow twinge senses another small front 4-6 days out breaching the Sabine River into our area later in the week. But that all could change.

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