We awakened today to the sad news the world had lost Chris Cornell at the age of 52. Social media is loaded with friends who loved his music and were loyal followers of the bands he fronted, touched by the songs he wrote and sang, expressing their sadness and shock at his loss.

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Now comes the startling revelation that it was by his own hand.  We don't know why he would have been driven to this - it seems talent, fame and wealth does not exclude us from Depression any more than anonymity and poverty would.  There's just no sense in this, I've had a little experience with it.

The one key from my own experience, is when you take your own life, you also take a chunk of the souls of everyone that loved and cherished you that are left behind, it's on one hand a selfish act.  If you ever find yourself thinking along these terms - reach out, call someone, do something else, wait a day.