In the past twenty odd years, no Christmas season has passed without multiple viewings of It's a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Story and my personal top pick that I've seen three times already this month: Christmas Vacation.

The movie has something for everyone, whether you want to study the chops of great actors like E.G. Marshall, physical comedy from Chevy Chase or the chain use of non-sequiturs in an ageless fashion this holiday classic has it for you.

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But this isn't a Christmas movie review, this is about the character Cousin Eddie-the actor Randy Quaid. As a character, Cousin Eddie is the outrageous boor who is the last person you want to see crashing any party you throw. But that twinkle in his eye keeps you guessing as to whether or not he's playing you or is quite sincere in his lunacy.

With him and his wife's sometimes illegal but always interesting nefarious activities over the past several years, it looks like life has imitated art and the fine line between actor and character have blurred. But to get to the point, over the past few days Randy Quaid has announced that he has been contacted by reps from a superPAC about running for Bernie Sanders US Senate seat next year.

Why Randy Quaid for Senate? Why not Randy Quaid for Senate? We'll just go all-in on stripping the veneer away from it being a serious body guiding our country forward on a constitutional path and make it an all-out gallery of some of our finest, if not nuttiest celebrities.

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Parts of the story include hints that the whole thing is a set-up for a reality show. You know, the hilarious campaign trail hi-jinks of Randy and his wife Evi, we'll see it all, what really goes on behind-the-scenes of a senatorial campaign from the bright lights town hall glimmer down to the unglamorous lonely duty of emptying the campaign bus's metaphorical and literal sh*tter.

Randy Quaid. We still don't know if that twinkle in his eye is him playing us, or if this lunacy is as serious as he can get.

Cousin Eddie for Senate

There, I said it.