Unbelievably there's still a few scant pieces of Thanksgiving pie in the fridge, and the turkey salad sandwiches will hold out for another day or two and the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department has implemented the annual Robbery Prevention Mobilization (RPM) in aims to deter crime in the parking lot at Prien Lake Mall.

They actually started on Black Friday and the extra veneer of protection will be in place until Boxing Day, December 26.

What to Look For

The deputies will be on marked ATVs and patrol cars in the parking lot. Deputies will HQ (headquarter) at the CPSO Mobile Command Center in the front parking lot of the mall on Prien Lake Road. If something happens to you and you need immediate assistance you'll find it manned.

Deputies in orange vests during the evening hours will help shoppers find their cars, jump start cold low batteries, change a flat, walk you to your car after dark or other necessary assistance.

This is the thirteenth year of the RPM program, the idea is the mere sight and presence of law enforcement will deter crime during the busy holidays.

Other Stores Targeted

During the Christmas season deputies will also step up routine visits to all parish convenience stores to stay in communication with clerks to see if there are any problems or they have any special needs or questions.

Other large shopping areas to be ramped up protection-wise are the Southgate Center on Ryan, Power Center on Hwy 14 and the Target Center on Prien Lake Road.

Have a great Christmas shopping season, just a little self-precaution, head on a swivel and an awareness of your surroundings at all times can go a long way. On leaving the store have your key in your hand ready to open your car, stay off the cell until you're securely locked in and Merry Christmas.