Madison Applegate's week-long journey to become a musician saw some serious star power thanks to Demi Lovato, who surprised the 16-year-old singer with a phone call.

Applegate stopped by the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio to discuss the strenuous process, which involves vocal training, revamping her audition song and preparing an entire performance for a group of record execs. Talk about busy!

She actually fessed up to being a little overwhelmed by everything and talked about a mini-meltdown she had while training.

"This is so different from anything I've ever done before, so I was just getting overwhelmed, there's a lot of pressure on me, and I didn't want to completely change who I am, so I was trying to figure out how to balance keeping me me while still appealing to the young audience," Applegate explained.

She just had to step away from the training session for a minute and cry. But it helped, and the next take she did was dubbed her best yet.

Of course, Madison's reaction to getting the chance to speak to Demi Lovato easily put her rough patch to shame. Madison actually has something in common with the "Neon Lights" singer now: they both have trained with Linda Septien.

So, what one question did Madison have for Lovato? The same one she had asked of herself this week: how to appeal to a mass audience without losing herself.

"I always make sure I'm never compromising who I am or what my music is for anybody else's liking," Lovato said, admitting that she actually loves singing pop music. Lovato then added another bit of good advice for the aspiring singer: "I've never given a crap about what other people think."

Madison thanked Lovato on Twitter and gushed about the experience.

It's pretty clear that the chat had a big impact on Madison. Check out the full interview with her, plus Lovato's call, below!