What’s the best way to celebrate your birthday if you’re one of the most successful teen pop stars in the business?

For Demi Lovato, who turned 19 over the weekend, the best gift turned out to be one she gave her fans.

On Friday, the day before her birthday, Lovato treated her Twitter followers to a glimpse of her upcoming album, ‘Unbroken.’ Tweeting a picture of the artwork for the CD, which is due for a September 20 release, she wrote: “I have THE BEST FANS EVER!!! Thank you so much for all the early Birthday wishes….To show my appreciation I thought I would give you a little present…look closely!!! :D

The photo finds Lovato in dark makeup, looking into the distance while using the ringed fingers of her right hand to absent-mindedly clutch the fur shrug she’s wearing. It’s a glamorous, decidedly grown-up look for the star, who was only 16 when she released her first album, 2008′s ‘Don’t Forget’ — but one that fits with the themes of newfound maturity and self-determination that she’s explored since publicly struggling with personal issues over the last year.

The first single from ‘Unbroken,’ the number 10 hit ‘Skyscraper,’ earned Lovato a Choice Summer: Song honor from the Teen Choice Awards this year.