If nothing less than common sense, plus a little something about mass in motion from your old high school physics teacher should tell you never to poison yourself then command up to 7,000 lbs of steel and plastic at one hundred feet per second down the asphalt.

Translation: Don't Drink and Drive. Don't text and drive, open or answer email, pick your teeth/nose, apply mascara, make a sandwich or wrap gifts. The drivers seat is just that, and only intended for that.

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office will conduct a DWI checkpoint Saturday December 21st at a secret location.

This checkpoint will target individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics, which has been proven to be very effective in discouraging citizens from driving while impaired and people are more likely to designate a driver when they know sobriety checkpoints are being conducted.

This checkpoint is funded by a grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. For more information on sobriety checkpoints or on how you might begin a career in law enforcement call the Sheriff's Department at: 337-491-3791