Most Floridians understand what's in store for them. When you rent or buy property in Florida, or along the Gulf Coast it's in the back of your mind. Two years ago today I was standing in three feet of water inside my home from Hurricane Harvey, this time of year can be nightmarish. The Atlantic Hurricanes can destroy not only property but hopes and dreams as well, and set back a family's time table for growth by years.

Lonesome George - The summer I didn't get a haircut or shave for three months ended with a night in a shelter after Hurricane Harvey flooding.

It's no fun when you have to rebuild your property every few years, but that's the threat we all understand and live with day to day.

Now, Dorian looks like it could possibly make landfall on the central Atlantic coast of Florida, then turn sharply northward shredding cities, towns and the state as it works up the east coast. Like a Skilsaw ripping a 2x6 Hurricane Dorian could potentially shred almost the entire state.

We've experienced hurricanes and tropical storms of all flavors. From minor tropical rainstorms that came ashore as little more than summer thunderstorms to massive Rita-type experiences.

For the record presently Hurricane Dorian has maximum sustained winds at 110 mph and is rushing NW at ten miles per hour. The National Hurricane Center is calling this a 'dangerous hurricane'.

When the weather service warns a storm is 'dangerous' you know it's likely going to be lethal as well. It's like the few curves in the Colorado mountains that they bother to put guardrails on, the guardrail protects the cars less than it screams out to the drivers 'miss this curve buddy and it's curtains for you'.

As we get into next week there will be numerous relief efforts, Cajun Navy,, springing into action. We will vet as many legitimate efforts as possible and report them here.

In the meantime, all we can do is have our hot-dogs, watch our football games, keep an eye on Florida and maybe give a shout-out to the old man upstairs for as much safety as can be mustered for the people in the path of this storm.