There's not a lot that's more impressive than an 11 year old dancing, except an 11 year old and a 14 year old dancing to Big Sean's 'IDFWU' and completely dominating the choreography!

You've probably seen 11 year old Taylor Hatala killing it on the dance floor in her YouTube videos like "Shake It Off" and "Fancy", and you can even catch her "shaking it off" on Ellen! This girl is so unbelievably talented!  In her latest video she teams up with, equally talented, 14 year old Larsen Thompson and the duo dance it out to 'IDFWU' and it is mind blowing. That much talent shouldn't be allowed in one video!

If I even attempted to do that dance I would look like I was doing a failed version of "the Bernie Lean"! I am beyond jealous of Taylor and Larsen's moves, not to mention this video is cool AF. I mean, dancing in a desert on top of a car? I couldn't be that cool if I tried! As Nylon Magazine oh-so perfectly states, "There's no need for trees in this desert because this dynamic duo's throwing Amazon levels of shade".

Keep doing what you do Taylor and Larsen!

[via BuzzFeed]