We have all either seen or taken an embarrassing photo once or twice in our life, and it ends up on your facebook page. For many while it may be  a"joke," for others it may be costly when it comes to getting a job you'd really like to have. Reason being, the Federal Trade Commission has ruled that agencies are allowed to search your facebook when it comes to background checks for potential employers.

Now, many of us are probably thinking, "so what if they can check facebook?" Well the problem comes here, if something job-threatening about you appears in any social media, Social Intelligence can now put it into your "file." The catch, your image/status update is saved for SEVEN years!!! Meaning, what you say today will haunt you down the road.

Social Intelligence COO Geoffrey Andrews says that the records are kept for up to seven years as long as they are not disputed. It should be noted here that when you do apply for a job, you do acknowledge and give permission for your potential employer to investigate your background, which now includes any social media network.

Lesson here, to avoid any of these issues, Social Intelligence advises you to be careful what you say and what you put up on your social media site(s).

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