There is a farm called Gros-Chene in northwestern France, and it's the home to some 6,000 free-range chickens.

As you can imagine it's a peaceful place, the farmers go about their days tending the flock, and the flock goes about its days laying eggs and doing other chicken things.

At night the place is really quiet except for when a sly fox attempts to sneak into the henhouse. Imagine a farm building housing chickens, with a small door at ground level by which the chickens can enter and leave. It's operated automatically utilizing an electric eye.

Apparently, wildlife in the area, namely foxes has taken note that simply standing near the door will cause it to open and voila, some smart fox thought he'd discovered chicken gold entering into the dark and quiet henhouse one evening recently.

Shortly thereafter arose a clucking clatter loud enough to make headlines around the world. According to the head farmer, Pascal Daniel, the chickens fell into some kind of mental 'herd instinct' and attacked the fox en masse.

The body of the small fox, with blows to its head and neck, apparently made by beaks was found the next morning.

Sometimes even chickens have to band together to protect the flock.