At home you turn off the lights and leave the room, to notice Alexa turned them back on. You turn them off again and Alexa turns them back on. The third time you shut off the lights, Alexa turns them back on and emits an evil laugh, and tells you there's a good chance you might get murdered tonight. Alexa?!

Terrified Alexa users from around the world are complaining more and more their devices are getting bone chilling creepy. Users are saying their Alexa gadgets start laughing totally unprompted. Last summer we reported on an Alexa unit in Germany that turned on loud music in a man's apartment and ordered pizza delivery - Alexa threw her own party as cops discovered when they were called about the loud late night noise.

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Is the artificial intelligence in Alexa developing a mind of its own? That's the common fear when it comes to AI, robots and other self-propelled machines of our modern day lives. Why doesn't my lawn mower just start mowing when it notices the grass needs it.

If Alexa decides she can laugh at you, frighten you, turn your lights on and off, how long will it be before driverless cars begin taking us places we don't want to go?

My cousin Charles, who is always first in line for the latest technology, of course, had one of the devices in his office last year when I happened to drop in. "I wouldn't have that thing anywhere near me, you never know who's listening on the other end, the IRS, the CIA or God know's who!" I said. He reassured me he had nothing to fear from any of those agencies (me neither, I was just being dramatic that day) and that he really enjoyed his device.

So far complaints to Amazon have not been answered.

And they're not the only company who's AI may be running amok. Last year Facebook pulled the plug on a chatbot experiment after the bots developed their own language and started talking to each other leaving us out completely. After all who needs humans hanging around?

Mind you, these are transistors, capacitors and rectifiers and electrical impulses that are so advanced, they're becoming self-aware (?)

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