Gee when things go downhill, such as when your attempt at national prime-time presidential candidate status gets hammered by a judge ruling against you and ordering you to pay close to five million dollars in a back pay lawsuit the same day you get evicted from your office for not paying the rent, they really go downhill fast.

What's a lawyer to do? If you're Michael Avenatti, you add allegedly beating your estranged wife's face black and blue and kicking her out of your apartment and get yourself arrested to the list of your putrid accomplishments.

A report from ABC indicates the attorney was hauled to jail in Century City, a suburb of Los Angeles on Tuesday night after being arrested for felony domestic violence.

According to this report, the trouble began on Tuesday afternoon when the distressed lawyer and oft-discussed 2020 US presidential candidate, Avenatti, reportedly attempted to kick his estranged wife out of their apartment. Failing at that, he allegedly returned this afternoon (14 Nov 18) and became violently physical with the woman when she returned to get her personal belongings.

Police arrived and walked Avenatti down to the corner and spoke to him a few minutes before taking him into custody.

As of 5:45 PM CST 14 November, Avenatti apparently was still in custody.