Sushi all day, every day.

Seriously, sushi is life. If I could eat sushi everyday, I probably would. It's like pizza. There are so many different kinds, options and flavors, that it's impossible to get bored.

Sushi is perfect, and so is sushi-inspired paraphernalia. I mean, who wouldn't want a cell phone covered in soosh?

All right. Let's do this.

Sushi Cell Phone Cover

I wasn't lying when I said "who wouldn't want a cell phone covered in soosh", because it's a real thing. How cute is this phone cover, though? The only bad thing is that I would crave sushi every time I answered my phone.

Sushi Pillows

Sometimes when I eat sushi, I think to myself "ugh, why can't I just sleep in a pile of squishy sushi?" Well, now I can. Throw out your "emoji smiling poop face pillow" and grab some fluffy soosh to curl up on.

Sushi Jewelry

Spice up your fit with some sushi jewelry! Let's be real, sushi is always in style, so why not let it dangle from your ears? It's adorable!

Sushi T-Shirt

Wear your love for sushi on your sleeve, literally. This shirt is everything. Sushi, sashimi, nigiri, this shirt has it all. It's also making me incredibly hungry. Yeah, I need this shirt in my life. Also, I need to add that this girl's pic is sushi perfection. Way to be awesome!

Sushi Onesies

I don't even have a baby and I want these onsies in my life. The next friend of mine to have a baby will be getting one of these at her baby shower. Too flipping cute!