I saw a post online that had a picture of Iggy Azalea now and a pic of her in high school, so I thought to myself "Wow, she looks so different... why do I look exactly the same?"

I am proud to say I am 26 years old, but by the looks of me you would probably think I'm 18... I just have a baby face, I guess. I asked my mom so send me a couple of my senior pics juuuust so I could see how much/little I've changed. Ya... I still look 18. I'm sure when I'm 40 and look 30 I'll be happy, but now (when I'm still getting ID'd at R RATED MOVIES) I kind of hate it!!

The first 2 pictures are my senior pics and the last one is a selfie I took this afternoon. I might possibly look younger in the picture I took today than in my senior pictures. Not ok, but pretty funny!