This morning a little past 7 AM as I was rubbing my eyes trying to focus on my coffee cup, a few miles away a Kinder police officer witnessed a 2006 Ford Mustang commit a traffic violation.

An attempt at pulling the driver over resulted in his floorboarding the 'Stang trying to run from the Kinder police, who were quickly joined in the chase by the Jeff Davis Sheriffs Office. You might have a hot rod car but you can't beat the radio waves officers use to bring help into a pursuit.

Now traveling like a bat out of hell over 100 MPH in a straight section southbound on Louisiana 383 about 2 miles north of 101, 26-year-old Aaron M. Charlot of Eunice traveled into a ditch on the east side of the road, became airborne and crashed through several trees and bushes before coming to rest in a haze of smoke and dust around 7:15 AM.

The Jeff Davis Coroner came out and pronounced him dead on the scene.

Charlot was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the crashing vehicle, no one else was in the car and toxicology samples were obtained for analysis. But they won't ever show what he was thinking when he took off to try to avoid a simple traffic ticket.

The Jeff Davis SO is working with the Kinder PD and Troop D in the investigation. So far this year alone Troop D has investigated 12 fatal crashes.

Source: Sgt. James Anderson, LSP Public Affairs