Last fall as tropical depressions kept forming in the Atlantic it was as though the hurricane season would never end. We're almost ten days into spring and snow is still coming down in many parts of the country.

Now, the Winter of '17-18s bad flu won't quit.

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The Centers for Disease Control now says the B-strain of the flu is still with us and wreaking havoc across the country. Authorities say that even if you've had the flu this year and had, for instance, the A-strain, you could get sick again with The B.

See the Walgreens Flu Index Map Here

Continue to practice good hygiene, as the weather warms up and we're getting out of doors more and coming into contact with people, keep washing your hands very well and up past your wrists, a flu-shot is something to consider. Cover up sneezes and stay away from sick people.

More about flu from the CDC here.