More than 161,000 Ford Escapes worldwide are being recalled after continued problems, this time with oil and fuel leaks.  This marks recall No. 7 for popular SUV.

Specifically, this recall affects the 1.6-liter, four-cylinder model.  According to Ford, oil leaks can be caused after cylinder heads crack from overheating.  Meanwhile, fuel lines on up to 12,000 Escapes may have been installed wrong and could leak gas.  The worse news is that those wrong installations may have occurred during previous recalls.

No injuries have been reported from the recall's issues, but 13 fires have resulted nationwide.  Recalls will start in January.

KATC-TV reported that the redesigned Escape has been recalled seven times since July of 2012 to fix carpet padding that can interfere with the brake pedals, fuel lines that can crack, coolant leaks, and child safety locks.