It's grass, it's a weed, and yet many are serving prison sentences in the modern age for simply possessing it while, ironically, stores in 29 of the United States now openly sell it.

LSU in Baton Rouge is studying it now for future potential decriminalization in Louisiana. You can purchase hemp oil in Louisiana now for medicinal purposes.

The argument for and against goes on - the medicinal potential of marijuana is well documented, along with the illegality and danger of it as a gateway drug. It grows wild in some parts of the world, and it has been prohibited in the United States for a number of years by the Federal Government, in large part because once the alcohol prohibition via the Volstead Act was repealed, the alcohol and tobacco lobbies didn't want competition from something that could be grown in most family gardens much more easily than growing corn and distilling it into whiskey.

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Like tobacco, marijuana can now be consumed through modern vaping pens. Now, I'm not making an argument for or against booze or wacky-tabacky, but simply reporting the latest for you.

The state of New York decriminalized marijuana, and the five-borough area comprising New York City quickly became home to some 6,000 sellers of cannabis vaping products. Vaping is virtually odorless, and now people in high-pressure businesses are getting stoned at work, even in their boss' offices!

According to a story appearing in the New York Post, people with high-pressure jobs in the financial district, internet start-ups, and so on are vaping marijuana at work.

One NY-area financial services executive, 29-year-old Jonathon, claims that with vaping "There's no lethargic feelings, no munchies, no red eyes. It's a functional high. If I have a presentation or I'm nervous, I'll take one hit. It helps me focus and calms me down."

Would you let Jonathon handle your retirement portfolio? What if you knew Jonathon had had a couple of martinis at lunch? Would it matter?

As for me, I don't want my financial planner drunk or stoned, or having had one drink or one hit. The same goes for my surgeon, the guy watching the computer monitors in the hydrocracking unit in the refinery, or the person next to me at 70 miles per hour on the freeway.

Proponents will agree and say, "but what about in the safety and privacy of your home on a Saturday night?" I'm not deciding, I'm just reporting.

Peace my Brothers.