Some stores have been selling Christmas decorations almost two months, we can order almost anything with a pumpkin spice flavor option, and some ladies are already posting photos of their sexy witch and cute kitty Halloween costumes.

Keep in mind hurricane season officially ends on November 1st and historically late-season October hurricanes are typically weaker than what we get to see in August and September.

But no storm is ever to be taken lightly, ever. Just last month, a predicted four-inch late-summer thunderstorm parked over the region and dumped 43 inches of rain, 22 of which found refuge from the storm inside my house.

So we'll watch this hot spot for trouble. The National Weather service says it's a trough of low pressure producing disorganized showers over the northern Yucatan peninsula. It's predicted to drift slowly northwestward as the orange 'X' in the graphic indicates.

Chances of the system forming into something more tropically cyclonic in nature over the next two days are minimal at ten percent and over the next five days, organization chances are a mere forty percent.

Read the whole story direct from the National Weather Service here.