Googles new kid friendly search engine, Kiddle, allows children to search the internet without accidentally stumbling upon inappropriate material.


According to Tech Times, when a child enters a web, images, news or video search into Kiddle the results are highly filtered by Google safe search and editors.

The first one to three results will include safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids that are handpicked and checked by the editors. The next four to seven results will feature sites that include content that is written in simple language so that young children are able to comprehend what they are researching. These too are handpicked and checked by the editors. Results eight and onward include sites written for adults that are still filtered by Google safe search but are a bit harder for children to comprehend.

In a world where information is so easily accessible, Kiddle gives parents peace of mind that their children won't be bombarded with twerking video's every time they search "Miley Cyrus". Kiddle also allows parents to block additional keywords and websites they feel are inappropriate for their children.

[via Tech Times]