While mainland US citizens hold their collective breaths and the southern east coast region prepares for the monster storm Hurricane Florence is likely to become by the time she strikes the outer banks, I'm over here keeping an eyeball or two on Hurricane Isaac.

Isaac isn't getting too much media play right now because he isn't pointed at billions in insured real estate in the United States, he's still out at sea and frightfully moving in a near head-on westerly direction.

We know that eventually tropical circulations will, due to environmental factors not the least of which is the Coriolis effect, the systems track will start to bend and turn northward to northeasterly.

How far along Isaacs westward track before that turn happens is what concerns us. At this time, Isacc could trail along westwardly over Yucatan and into Mexico proper and smash himself up against the Mexican central mountain ranges or could turn up right into the Gulf, into our or our close neighbors' laps. We'll have to wait a few more days to know more.

Meanwhile, our best hopes and prayers go out to those in Florence's path of destruction, we're watching her every move and hoping for the best for our Deep South Neighbors, but we're keeping a good eye on Isaac.

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Hurricane Isacc 9.10.18 11 AM