On a rainy drizzly forty-ish degree and breezy night in New York City, inside the Downtown Athletic Club four of the college football 2019 seasons most celebrated ball handlers gathered to see which would take home the most valuable trophy in college football individual achievement category.

It not only signifies outstanding individual accomplishment, sportsmanship and character in a player, it can translate into hard dollars at April's NFL drafting time for the winners as well as those whose names are even mentioned in the same sentences as the trophy.

Named after John Heisman (1869-1936) a college coach of baseball, basketball and football teams, he carried a lifelong flat nose from his own days as a player from being struck in the face by a football when trying to block a kick. That was the ferocity and aggressiveness of John Heisman.

The award was created by the downtown athletic club to each year's outstanding player in NCAA football. At the time of his death Mr. Heisman was president of the club and the board saw fit to honor his legacy with the naming of the trophy, after his amazing career and contributions at all levels of amateur sports especially college.

1935's winner was Jay Berwanger a RB from Chicago. OJ Simpson took the award in 1968, Archie Griffin in '74, Earl Campbell '77, Ricky Williams in '98 and well if you'd like to see the whole list click here.

The trophy itself is a sculpture by artist Frank Eliscu who modeled it after a running back, Ed Smith in 1934. To this day the trophy retains the 1934 leather helmeted ball carrier appearance offering a stiff arm to would be tacklers as he stands forever frozen in bronze.

The 2019 Winner: Joe Burreau, Louisiana State University

In modern times four finalists are selected, this year they've been discussed ad infinitum so we won't review each, and then the winner LSU's Joe Burrow was announced on stage, to almost no dedicated honest college football fans astonishment. Burrow had a fantastic year an an amazing career in Baton Rouge.

Since transferring from Ohio State and taking over in '18 Burrow has produced 23 touchdowns and passed for just under 3,000 yards. And by the way quarterbacks have taken the past four Heisman's with three of them going in the first round of the NFL draft.

Next Up for LSU

The next time we'll see Burrow in action will be the December 28th date with Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl. Should the undefeated Tigers win they'll proceed to the College Football Playoff National Championship in Atlanta on January 3rd against either of Ohio State or Clemson.

But on this dreary cold and blustery New York City December night, Joe Burrow's light burned bright as he held of the old sculpt, signifying his recognition as 2019's best in college football. Congratulations and beat Oklahoma.