Set down that box of Franzia and don't even think about pouring yourself another glass of Mnage Trois Moscato!

My wine dreams are crumbling around me! I am a Franzia drinker, yeah I know it's boxed wine, but it's cheap and get's the job done. If only I knew that 'job' included slowly poisoning myself with arsenic!

CBS News reports that a lawsuit was filed Thursday, March 19 in claims that some wines have up to four or five times the maximum amount of arsenic the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows in drinking water. The lawsuit states that more than 24 California winemakers and sellers misrepresent their wine as safe.

Unfortunately, a lot of the wines causing concern are some of my, and a lot of people's, favorites. These products include Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck White Zinfandel, Mnage Trois Moscato and a Franzia White Grenache, which had three, four and five times the EPA limit for arsenic, according to

Now, don't go pouring all your wine down the drain just yet! A company representative for The Wine Group, one of the companies named in the lawsuit, has told CBS News that the highest level of arsenic noted in the lawsuit is “only half of Canada’s standard for wine, of 100 parts per billion,”.

So, maybe there really isn't any reason for all wine drinkers to freak out. I mean, I'm a little freaked out, but I'll still probably pour myself a big glass of wine when I get home. Just sayin'. You can get a more detailed description of this story at and make your own decision if your wino ways are about to come to an end, or if you're more of an "a little arsenic never hurt nobody" kinda person!