It took a powerful and oddly charming acting performance by Jack Nicholson in the Hollywood blockbuster The Departed in 2006 to make Boston criminal boss James Joseph 'Whitey' Bulger to appear almost subhuman.

Because the real Whitey Bulger was far below sub human in terms of common humanity. Without listing his entire record, he was a south Boston born Irish descendant who was such a notorious criminal killer of humans, through slow deaths and torture, and in some cases killed for no discernible reason even to other gangsters, Bulger was so notorious that the Italian Mafia from New York City and other places were afraid to enter his territories. Bulger was a human animal and a cruel and vicious one.

As brutal as his crimes were, he also served law enforcement as a snitch. While many of the elements of the story in The Departed are pure Hollywood, the fact that Bulger played and even coerced some agents into criminality are clearly depicted in the film. According to the FBI, Bulger had served as an informant starting in 1975, but Bulger himself never admitted to being a snitch. Who believes this demented killer?

Bulger managed to escape authorities once the prosecutorial net finally looked like it would fall around him, he went on the lam, he and his wife pretending to be an elderly couple in a California retirement village for close to 16 years until the FBI caught a break in 2011 and captured him in the parking garage of the condo.

They found his apartment stuffed with cash and weapons stashed inside the walls and other cut out secret spots he'd made.

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Justice of Some Sort is Finally Served

Now comes word that Bulger, having been transferred to a fed prison facility in Virginia was killed inside that prison overnight, prison authorities are investigating a fellow inmate with Mafia connections.

Excuse the world if we don't boo-hoo over his elimination, excuse the world if we even grin a little that the Mafia concluded all their business with Mr. Bulger in a most definite final and traditional method. Evil snuffs Evil.

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