After all these years and all of my countless sushi dates, I am just now finding out that I have been eating this stuff ALL wrong.

I am a little sushi obsessed, I'll admit it, if I don't have sushi at least once a week I swear I can feel my body getting angry at me. It's just so delicious!! And, yes, I am 100% that girl that uses too much soy sauce and sometimes asks for a side of spicy mayo (which I know is wrong), but after watching this video I am a little embarrassed about how little I know about the art of eating sushi. I'd like to say that my sushi eating ways will change, but I know the next time I am faced with a giant plate of "soosh" I will pour myself an overly large portion of soy sauce and inhale those spicy tuna rolls without thinking twice about my actions.

-- Munchies Youtube Channel