The Hurricane Formerly Known as Isaac, with all due apologies to the late Prince, has been downgraded this evening to Tropical Storm Isaac. Apparently, the once-threatening beast fell victim to upper stratospheric wind shear and some Arabian sands in the upper levels of the atmosphere that are still about. Remember burning eyes and dryer than usual mouth a few weeks back? Subsaharan dust. Isaac Tropical Storm 13 Sept 18 5 PM AST National Weather Service

All hurricane watches and warnings have been dropped for Isaac for now, there are good chances it could re-organize once he enters the Gulf of Mexico proper, so definitely not going to sleep on watching Isaac until he's busted up over the Yucatan or what Gulf fate may befall.

Of course, our prayers are with those fellow Americans in the Carolina's, one almost fears that their recent experiences with more northward moving and glancing storms travelling in a northeasterly direction when striking the coast in the past decade, many of whom had the northeast or dirty side remain at sea for the most part, may cause some present-day underestimation in the sheer danger of more head-on collision of a 12 foot storm surge, wind, and rainfall Florence is about to bring.

Hope not, hope the coasters got out, but the inlanders stay ready for the water.

The mere idea of it slowing upon reaching the coast brings up fresh first-hand memories of Harvey and hurricane initiated flooding. Florence could hover near the coast with her butt in ocean sucking up rain and spraying it all over the land causing flash and slow flooding in areas inland that have never had flood water issues before.

As for the Gulf of Mexico disturbance which has now drifted somewhat closer to the lower Texas coast, is still primarily built out of a loose arrangement of elongated low pressure spread over a broad area. At its location, upper-level winds favor the development of a tropical depression before the system moves inland sometime Friday, though the percentages of it developing some cyclonic circulation have been dropped to 50%.

Disturbance 13 Sept 18 8 PM EDT National Hurricane Center

With this path, SWLA is less likely to get rain influenced by this system, heavy rainfall and gusty winds would prevail across northeastern Mexico and the coastal bend of Texas on Friday and Saturday.

However, the mere presence of such a system in the region will disturb the atmosphere and, will spin off some clouds and keep rain the SWLA and SETX forecast over the next several days.

For the latest on all of the current storms and the present situation in the Atlantic and, Gulf of Mexico see the National Hurricane Center latest update here.