Like the aged athlete who can't understand the season has run out in his career and he keeps lacing up the cleats, the 2017 Hurricane Season just keeps coming back for another sip of water from the well for one last hurrah.

National Hurricane Center, NOAA Nov 4, 2017 7AM CDT

At least this disturbance likely poses a threat to no one except thrill-seekers sailing the Atlantic alone. Freighters and tankers with modern navigation equipment will go around this small rainstorm, their cargoes delayed another day or two into port.

Alas, the 2017 Hurricane Season, which technically ended a few days ago, struggles on, refusing to give up the ghost. The National Hurricane Center has identified a low-pressure area about 950 miles SE of Bermuda with disorganized shower and thunderstorm activity, and about the only thing that makes it newsworthy in the least to us is the 30% chance that it will perhaps develop tropical or subtropical cyclonic characteristics within the next five days.

Don't you get it, 2017 Hurricane Season? It's over. You're through. We're turning back our clocks tonight, and Tuesday is an election day in some provinces, Black Friday is a couple of weeks away, and the grocery stores are full of shoppers picking out turkeys.

Go home, Hurricane Season. You're drunk.