I'm pretty sure no one loves the song 'Fancy' by Reba McEntire as much as this little girl!

I could daydream for hours about the day I finally have children and what they will be like, and after watching this video I am pretty positive that if my daughter isn't exactly like this little girl I will be extremely disappointed. She is the cutest four year old ever and she knows all the lyrics to Reb McEntire's 'Fancy'! And she has no problem belting the entire song out while she rides in the backseat with her older brother. She is perfect.

I don't even know any adults that know all the words to 'Fancy' and this small child completely nails it! Check out the video below, it's the most perfect 'Fancy' rendition you will ever hear. But, just a heads up, the song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day!

-- Alicia Robinson